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Smart Nest, Best Home Automation System Company was established with the view and dedication to achieve seamless integration of technology with day to day living in every home, to create a lifestyle totally unique to each individual and family

Our willingness to understand every clients specific requirement combined with our teams expertise make us the obvious choice for a Smart Home seeker.

To Make Your Life Easier – Is Our Top Priority

How We Work

We prefer to get involved in your projects as early as possible and be part of The design team, ensuring the Technology can be integrated into your project as discretely as possible. That said we can get invoIved at any stage, so if you’re already building or want to install technology into an existing house then that’s no problem. We can also offer a lighting design service..

We work quite differently to many other companies, in that we pre-build all control panels and AV racks in our workshops prior to delivering them To site. The system is also pre-programmed in our offices and tested before we arrive on site to commission. This means we won’t need to spend months for on site installation and for programming the system. Full documentation is provided in time of handover and files are included.



You own a Smart Phone, a Smart Watch, a Smart TV, a Smart Car etc…. All these devices are smart only individually and do very limited interaction with each other. Welcome to the era of the Smart Home now integrate not only the above smart devices but all your electrical equipment in your home. With a smart Home systems you now have.

best Smart Home Systems
Smart Lights
Smart AC
Smart Home Theatre
Smart Alarm
Smart Door Locks
Smart Scenes
Smart Energy Moniter
Smart Shade and Curtain Control
best Smart Home Systems
Smart bulb Smart Lights
Smart AC Smart AC
Smart TV Smart Home Theatre
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Smart Clock Smart Alarm
Smart Home Lock Smart Door Locks
Buy CCTV Camera in Mumbai CCTV
Energy Smart Scenes
0 Smart Energy Moniter
0 Smart Shade and Curtain Control


You can automate your New Home now or adopt Automation only in one room and upgrade whenever required, the choice is yours.
  • 0 Lighting

    Smartnest Solutions for Lighting Controls make your rooms look its Best.

  • 0 Shade / Curtains 

    Our Seamless Integration of Curtain & Shade Control amplify the luxury statement of your Home.

  • 0 Moods 

    Now your home will be suited to your every mood. Just like all days are not the same, your home can be automated to reflect you mood.

  • Smart TV Home Cinema

    Our expert solutions for your precious Home Theatre and other AV devices can now handled through any Tablet or Smartphone.

  • AC Icon Air Conditioning

    Whether it be the blazing summer heat or the spine chilling winter, your home will now control the ambient temperature within your home to keep you cool.

  • CCTV CCTV & Security

    Now integrate your CCTV and security systems all into your Home Automation System, you do not need to have different apps to start inorder to monitor your Home.

The Ultimate Home Automation System

Discover your home’s full potential with Smartnest.

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